Technical specification of SPV – roof top solar power plant

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Tech specs for a standalone roof top solar plant 100 KW
IS Codes to follow
1. IEC: 61215/IS 14286 : Requirements for photovoltaic modules
2. IEC 61730-I : Requirements for construction for photovoltaic modules
3. IEC 61730-II : Requirements for testing for photovoltaic modules
4. IEC 61683, 1999 : Requirements for efficiency of photovoltaic modules
5. IEC 60068-2-1, (2-2,14,30): Requirements for Environment capacity for photovoltaic
6. IEC 60529:1989+A1:1999 : Requirements for IP-65 protection of photovoltaic modules
7. IEC 62109 : Requirements for Safety of photovoltaic modules
8. IEC 61727 : Requirements for Grid connectivity of photovoltaic modules
9. IEC 60227/IS 694/IEC 60502/IS 1554 (Pt. I & II): PVC insulated Al/Cu conductor, armored/unarmored cable
10. IEC 60947 part I-III/IS 60947 Part I-III/EN 50521: L V Switchgear.



Site Conditions

For general climatic conditions, refer and comply the specified project site conditions. The power plant shall comply and perform satisfactorily at the design conditions as minimum:

  1. a) Ambient temperature : 45ºC
  2. b) Relative humidity : 95% (at 55ºC)

The power plant shall be suitable for continuous operation at rated load for maximum ambient temperature of 45oC and maximum relative humidity of 95%, the maximum temperature and humidity, however, not occurring simultaneously.


SYTEM CONFIGARATION: Utilization Voltage & Variations.

  1. a) Main Power circuits : 415V ±10% AC
  2. b) Lighting Power circuits : 240V ±10% AC
  3. c) Emergency Power Supply : 415V AC from DG Source
  4. d) Control Power : 240V ±10% AC
  5. e) Frequency : 50 Hz ±5%



o The photovoltaic modules should be Mono / Poly Crystalline with a total array capacity of

1.0 KW or respective capacity of Dual Axis tracker. Each module should not be less than 250Wp.

o The photovoltaic modules must be qualified as per IEC 61215(revised) / IS14286 standards and in addition, the modules must confirm to IEC 61730-I requirements for construction & IEC 61730 part-2 requirements for testing, for safety qualification.

o The PV modules must be tested and approved from any of the NABL/BIS/IEC/MNRE Accredited Testing Calibration Laboratories.

o The supplier shall provide performance guarantee for the PV modules used in the power plant w h i c h must be warranted for their output peak watt capacity, which should not be less than 90% at the end of 10 years and 80% at the end of 25 years.

o Necessary I-V curves of the SPV modules are required to be furnished.


o VRLA tubular GEL type batteries confirming to National/ International standards, low maintenance, stationery at C/10 rate.

o It will be stacked in racks duly painted with acid resistant paint to cover less space where ever necessary.

o The Test certificates should be from MNRE accredited Test centers i.e. SEC/ERTL East /ETDC Bangalore/CPRI Bangalore/ERTL North/UL Bangalore/TUV Rhineland/Intertek for the tests as indicated on MNRE website.

o System Autonomy: 1+1 day.


Power Conditioning Unit of capacity 100 KVA should convert DC Power into AC Power.

Inverter will have following Specifications. It shall:

o Be rated for continuous operation at full load.

o Have Programmable battery management parameters. It should have Temperature compensated battery charging.

o Automatic re-start after over load triggered shutdown.

o Have Continuous battery life and state of health monitoring. It should have Integrated data and fault logging.

o Have Communication with external SCADA/network/PC

o Have facilities like Remote diagnostics, monitoring and reporting via Internet and GSM.

The PCU shall:

o Be equipped with a data logger for collecting & recording the hourly data of grid status particular voltage & frequency.

o Have provision for PCU by-pass arrangement so as to cater load directly through

o DG set, in case of PCU failure.

o There should be emergency stop switch on the front panel of PCU.

Type of Charger: MPPT.

o Makes Preferred: SMA, Power-one-ups and Equivalent.

o Inverter:

– Surge Rating : @ 40 deg C,105 % > 60 sec, 150 % > 30 sec, 200 % > 5 sec.

– Output Voltage : 415V+/- 2% for three phase

– Output Frequency: 50 +/- 0.5%

– THD : <4% +/-1%

– DC Ripple : <3%

– Dielectric strength : 1.1 KV between input/output and ground with EMI protections removed.

– Efficiency : >93% (@ 40 deg C, nominal load).

– No load consumption: <500W

– Operating Ambient Temperature: -10 to 60 deg C.

– Humidity : 95%max. Non-condensing.

– Enclosure : Free standing /Wall mounted, IP 21 , Epoxy powder coated

– Cooling : Temperature

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