Installation of copper Earth mat in under ground Metro Staions

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Call Us @ 9711681771 for earthing work Abstract of IEEE-80/ IS 3043 / BS 7430 for earthing The installation process of earth mats in under ground metro stations includes square grids of copper rods and parallel connected copper electrodes. Factors affecting the design of the earth mat Soil resistivity – The size and no of electrodes required in an earth mat system strictly depends upon the soil resistivity value. Soil resistivity varies from 12-300 ohms normally and for larger values we must use satellite earth mat systems. Step touch voltages – The size of one grid depends on the allowable […]

Solar Initiatives in Delhi and Haryana

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Ministry of environment and ministry of renewable energy has taken initiatives to increase the solar power generation in India. In Haryana, it is now mandatory (from September 2015) to install roof top solar plant for every building premises which is built on equal to or more than 500 sq yards. The size of the solar plant depends on the load of the entire building. i.e. 5% of the total load. (A fine of 10000 to 1000000 can be charged against failure of the same) It is being planned to install and produce 2 GW solar power in Delhi NCR region […]

Soil resistivity test for installation of Earth Mat in under ground metro station

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As most underground metro stations have a limited space/ land area, the earthing system for the auxiliary sub station or the feeder post or the signalling and telecom are inside the station box area, basically 300-1000 mm below the station base level. And for an earthing system which is very close to humans, we should consider the touch and step voltages that will come into effect during the fault. (For more details read GPR and step-touch voltages) That’s why the preferred earthing is Copper electrode grid earthing (also known as copper earth mats) For a good soil strata the soil […]

Careers for teachers

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We are hiring part-time tutors for a tuition center. Please paste your CV in the comment box below. We are hiring on or before 10/11/15 One Accounts teacher One Eco/ Social studies/ English teacher. One bio teacher. For classes VIII-XII, under graduation students. For more details on careers, please keep visiting our career page regularly. Address :: Click here.  

AutoCAD Shortcut Keys

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To search a shortcut, you can ctrl + F then type the requirement.   SHORTCUT COMMAND COMMENT ATT ATTDEF Opens attribute definition dialogue box ATTEDIT ATTEDIT Edit attribute values for a specific block B BLOCK Opens block dialogue box in order to make a block BATTMAN BATTMAN Opens block attribute manager BATTORDER BATTORDER Displays attribute order dialogue box BC BCLOSE Closes the block editor BCOUNT BCOUNT Counts the blocks in a drawing BE BEDIT Opens the edit block definition dialogue box EATTEXT EATTEXT Enhanced attribute extraction wizard to count blocks GATTE GATTE Global attribute edit of multiple blocks I INSERT […]

Chemistry/ Bio Teacher required

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We are looking for a Chem/ Bio tutor for our coaching center (RCS AutoCad). B.Sc/ M.Sc in Chem/bio is preferred. Experience required : 1 year. Our address : RCS – Z Express Design MEP design services and design software training classes H -1129, 1 D, Ratiya Marg, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi – 110062. Mail :, Contact Number : 9650810887

Earthing IS Code

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IS 3043 – IS CODE for Earthing. To learn and share your knowledge you can contact us, one of our team mate is associated with copper earth mat installations at underground metro Aux Sub Stations. There are always a lack of research or knowledge sharing in the field of earthing and electrical safety. In India the risk of electric hazards are way more than that of western countries. Infrastructure companies have started understanding the importance of earthing and safety measures they need.