Notes on electrical switchgear

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Components of switchgear assembly

Low Voltage switchgear components

  • MCCB – Moulded case circuit breaker with or without over current protection
  • Interlocking Provision
  • Switchgear Cradle
  • PT and control PT
  • CT
  • Control switches
  • Indicator lights
  • Main bus bars, Run backs
  • Bus risers and cable lugs
  • Fused interrupter switches
  • Relays – Protective and monitoring auxiliary relays
  • Protective fuses for breaker control
  • Measuring meters


Medium Voltage switchgear

  • Circuit Breakers (oil, air, SF6, vacuum)
  • Switching device
  • Instrument transformers
  • Capacitor tripping device
  • Relays
  • Meters & instruments
  • Main bus
  • Control & indicating devices, jumpers, cable lugs, cable supports and potheads
  • Barriers and shutters
  • Instrument compartments
  • Test switches and breaker accessories

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