Notes on electrical switchgear Part -II

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Bus Bar size depends upon these factors

  1. Bus bar current – (Rated Voltage, maximum current rating of the bus bar, Fault current in kA and duration of fault)
  2. Temperature – Operating temp, max. temp during the fault, temp rise due to fault, ambient temp and max. allowable temp rise.
  3. Enclosure Detail – Installation area (indoor/ outdoor, natural ventilation), Panel size, Panel plinth level.
  4. Bus bar – Material of bus bar, arrangement (vertical or horizontal)
  5. Current density of bus bar material
  6. Material constant (K)
  7. Material strength (kg/cm2)
  8. Bus bar Support Insulator Details – Distance between insulators on Same Phase(l), Insulator Height (H), Distance from the head of the insulator to the bus bar center of gravity (h), Permissible Strength of Insulator (F’) = 1000 Kg/cm2

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