How to calculate size of capacitor to increase power factor

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  • How to calculate the size of capacitor bank to improve the power factor of a system

If you are searching a way to know how to correlate power kW and the required kVAR rating of capacitor.

Thumb Rule Formula –

required kVAR =  Power X Multiplying Factor (Table given below)

Or in detail you can solve by given formula

Required kVAR =  power (tan A – tan B)

For example –

  1.  Power = 100 kW, P.F is 0.75 and required P.F is 0.9
    Solution –
    Multiplying factor from table from 0.75 PF to 0.9 PF= 0.398
    From above formula the size of capacitor bank in
    kVAR will be = 100 x 0.398
    =39.8 kVAR

Click here to download the table of multiplying factors  –> How to calculate kW into kVAR


Credit – Free blog post by Basab Dey

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