Earthing IS Code

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IS 3043 – IS CODE for Earthing.

To learn and share your knowledge you can contact us, one of our team mate is associated with copper earth mat installations at underground metro Aux Sub Stations.

There are always a lack of research or knowledge sharing in the field of earthing and electrical safety. In India the risk of electric hazards are way more than that of western countries.

Infrastructure companies have started understanding the importance of earthing and safety measures they need.

3 thoughts on “Earthing IS Code

  1. Yes, you must refer to IEEE 80, IS 3043 while working on earth mat. First of all, gather data for short ckt current, soil resistivity, thickness of concrete above the earth mat, work out on touch and step voltages … There are softwares to calculate size and thickness of copper rods we need to use. Mail us for more help :)

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